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There are times when you need a pastor, to listen, to be present, to be an advocate. It is part of our mission to provide care and support to families and individuals in a personal and compassionate way and to provide an atmosphere and opportunity to sense God’s presence and provision.

Please call the church if you, a family member or another church member has a serious illness or is having surgery. We may not know that one of our members is in the hospital because of HIPAA laws. Do not assume that the pastor knows!

When a loved one has passed away, the pastor will help you with the details of planning a Service of Witness to the Resurrection (funeral or memorial service). Planning for these types of services generally occur at the time of loss and while families are in somewhat of a crisis mode. Even though it is difficult to talk about death, what better gift can you give a loved one, than meeting with a pastor prior to an illness or death to assist you and your loved ones with ideas that would be meaningful for your service? 

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